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What we do

We work with individuals, groups, schools, businesses and other charities and community based organisations to deliver engaging hands on land and kitchen based social and educational opportunites related to food and farming and the environment.

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Community volunteering

Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. They come to learn new skills, share knowledge, meet people, be inspired and feel part of a meaningful project and a connected community. Our volunteers are invaluable in helping us grow fresh food for the community and develop and maintain the site.

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Supported volunteering farm nurture sessions

These sessions are for people of any age who might feel marginalised, vulnerable or isolated including people with mental and physical health challenges, special needs, refugees, young people not in education or training, people affected by or at risk of homelessness and
offenders and ex-offenders. The focus of the sessions are on developing an increased sense of well being and connectedness, confidence building, working in a team and life skills. Sessions vary but can include; preparation, planting and growing, cooking, animal care and a variety of tasks relating to the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the farm.



Hands on sessions that help children and young peopl to thrive and reach their full potential both in and out of school. Focussed around food and farming and nature these sessions inspire children and young people to develop a healthy relationship with food, make healthier food choices and develop the confidence to cook and grow their own food. The sessions support teachers and schools to deliver environmental education curriculum.


Community workshops

These workshops help to build skills/knowledge within our  volunteer group as well as the wider community. They aim to improve skills to ‘grow your own’ at home, provide cooking sessions to build confidence, skills and culture around cooking and eating together – for families, adults, young people and children.

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Open access green space

Free to access open green space where people can experience the benefits of being outside, learning about growing and animal care, meet friends and make connection with nature and each other

To find out more about any of the above activities or services contact us today!