Corporate Team Days

Oxford City Farm runs highly rated team days for companies. These days enable us to tackle  big jobs on the farm, whilst providing you and your team with an opportunity to work together outside of the normal office environment and make a really significant contribution to a local community-led charity.

Hands-on tasks: bring your team together in the beautiful surroundings of the farm. You'll do various gardening and maintenance jobs, depending on the time of year. We provide kit and protective clothing.

Do something different: leave the office behind and spend a day working outdoors together

Help a great cause: Support this small charity Oxford City Farm; a hub for nature, food growing, community and wellbeing within Oxford. 

Supervision throughout: we'll brief you before the event, providing a full risk assessment. On the day you can expect a friendly welcome and expert guidance from our community gardeners and kitchen leads. There is always a qualified first-aider on-site.

Refreshment throughout the day: tea, coffee, juice, water and freshly baked tray bakes will be available throughout the day

Demonstrating corporate social responsibility is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must” for businesses. Bringing real rewards for your organisation in terms of public perception and crucially, employee engagement, productivity and retention. Covid has put a huge strain on many teams and with so many employees still working from home, coming together at Oxford City Farm is a perfect way to reconnect. 

We will work with you and your organisation to tailor a package that suits your group in line with the tasks that are needed on the farm such as building fences, enclosures or signs or supporting with planting, harvesting and weeding jobs around the farm. We have worked with many local organisations including Oxfam, Oxford Brookes University, Southern Gas Networks Grosvenor and the Agile Collective.


£55 per participant per day (with a minimum day rate of £650). This allows us to cover the cost of the staff who run and organise these days and the use of all equipment as well as helping us raise crucial untied funds to enable us to grow our work with the wider community.

Get in touch today for further information:


What participants tell us

“very enjoyable and informative”  

“facilitated an excellent team building atmosphere”

“the day was fun – hard work, but very rewarding”

“felt engaging and relevant to current climate situation”


Other ways your business could support us

- Do you supply fencing or other construction materials which could be donated or provided at reduced cost?

- Does your business employ skilled staff a day of whose time you could donate to the Farm?

- We would be grateful for support from a range of different professions including but not limited to carpenters, electricians, plumbers, marketers, administrators, finance officers, planners or designers.

- Get in touch  if you have some skills that we could make use of on the farm.