child picking strawberries

Support us

As a charity, we rely on grants, donations - and your support - to deliver the work that we do in our community.

Why we need your help

We are committed to ensuring that the farm is a free to enter space for the whole community and the donations we receive provide the income that we need to do this. Grants and crowd funding have enabled us to invest in projects and to save our kitchen/classroom from landfill but to meet the farm’s essential core running costs, we need donations from our supporters. Regular donations are particularly important as they enable us to plan future work and help us to access money from other funders.

Our charitable work is dependent on the generous support of people like you. Even a small donation will make a huge difference to our work.

What your donation will help to support


  • Volunteering days: provide opportunities for people to meet, make connections and have a share of the produce grown on the farm.

  • Free workshops: help local people to learn new skills in growing food and small-scale building.

  • Schools work: connect children with the environment, food and animals, and inspire healthy food choices through creative experiential learning.  

  • Holiday activities: offering fun growing, picking and cooking educational activities for children, young people and their families.

  • Partnership work: to build connections with other local organisations supporting vulnerable, isolated and marginalised people.

  • Events: bring the whole community together to enjoy music, activities and food stalls on the Farm.

  • Public access: we want to open the farm more often as a new community green space.

Please help Oxford City Farm to grow

  • £5 buys essential refreshments for a community farming session

  • £10 helps with the supply of seeds, manure and compost

  • £20 will feed our beautiful chickens for a whole month

  • £30 buys tools for our volunteer days

  • £50 will help keep the water and electricity running

  • £100 allows our Community Grower to run a free skills session

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated and make a real difference.