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Why take this exam? This test is a good measure of academic achievement and is used by prestigious business schools as an admission criteria for an MBA degree. Business schools evaluate candidates from different educational systems. Therefore, the GMAT is in many cases the main standard criterion for assessing all applicants. If a student has completed a bachelor's degree for which he did not have to study much mathematics or analyze topics and write in English, the GMAT will give him the opportunity to prepare for these aspects before the student starts studying for an MBA or master's program, which will test numerical skills and learn to analyze cases and write an essay in English.

What does a good GMAT score entail? A good GMAT score may give access to scholarships or other funding opportunities for an MBA or Master's degree. In addition, the GMAT is a test that is carefully considered when recruiting in certain professional sectors.

Test results give you access to the world's most prestigious universities and MBA courses

Where to take the GMAT

More than 600 specialized computer testing centers are scattered around the world. There are 2 test centers in the capital where you can take this test:

  1. American Center for Education and Testing. Address: Leninsky Prospekt, 2, office 506.

  2. Computer Testing Center at RANEPA. Address: Vernadsky Ave., 82, bldg. 2, cab. 207.

You can take the test for a fee. You can find prices on the website of the test center.

Test score

For the test, you can get 200-800 points. Points are awarded separately for Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning.

As a result, the candidate can decide whether to keep the result or try again next time.

If the first result is accepted, the final score will be given in 20 days. The score is calculated based on an algorithm that is kept secret based on the number of answers given, how many correct answers and the difficulty assigned to each. Also, be sure to complete each section, so it's best to answer every question, even if you're not sure about the answer.



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