Meet the team

Janie Bickersteth and Nicole Titera

Farm Leads

Nicole and Janie are recent arrivals at the Farm, job sharing this role. We're still feeling our way at this magical place, supported by this experienced team. We recognise what an important resource it is for this community and we hope to create many more opportunities for people to access the site more often. We welcome your input!

Phil Pritchard

Community Grower


I work with lots of the groups that visit Oxford City Farm, I host the school groups, volunteering sessions and paying guests.  I love to welcome wandering visitors who stumble in, often in awe at the peace and space we have created in the middle of the city.


I look after the plants and animals at the farm and I enjoy sharing my passion for life and nature with anyone who’ll listen. I look forward to seeing the farm grow into an accessible community hub where everyone can feel at home.

Emma Hood

Project Lead

I facilitate the Wednesday weekly volunteer session at the Farm, and also work on our project teaming up with residents from Rose Hill, Blackbird Leys and Littlemore - I also help run the regular volunteer sessions on the farm.

I love hearing people come through the gate and say (very regularly!) - “Wow this is such an oasis!”  It is for me too.  I’m looking forward to seeing more and more of the community develop their own Farm projects and feeling like they belong here.


Sophia Stewart Liberty

Kitchen Lead

I feel so lucky to have the role of  Kitchen Lead!


I've taught food technology for many years, and am passionate about nutritional health, cooking and persuading people that any vegetable, prepared with love, can be delicious.

When you can pick a fruit or a vegetable, as we can here, and turn it into a meal within minutes, fresh food really does taste better!

Maria Eugenia Ramundo

Volunteers Coordinator

My name is Maria and I started at the Farm as a Volunteer Grower and Produce Assistant in July 2020. Four months later, I was offered a paid position as a Volunteers Coordinator. Today I  coordinate the volunteers' rota and manage the animals, as well as helping out at the volunteer sessions and open days. 

I am very lucky to be part of this amazing project, working along with a wonderful team.


Lucie Mayer

recently stepped down as Interim Operations Lead


I am a long term member of the team that has helped Oxford City Farm come into being. Formerly Chair of Trustees, I stepped into an interim operations role which I held for a year until February 2022.

I love seeing people, animals and nature thrive on the farm - I am super proud of all the great stuff that goes on here. I am really looking forward to welcoming more people (and goats I hope!) to the site soon.

The Trustees

The staff are well supported in their work by a skilled and committed Trustee team:

Lucy Davies - Chair

John Manton - Secretary

Nick Rose 

Cath Wilson

Jane Fisher 

Catherine McCosker and

Maria Bates.