Community Kitchen

Oxford City Farm is a small mixed farm primarily growing vegetables and fruit, but it also supports hens and bees and currently sheep. We aim to help people connect with where food of all sorts comes from.
Our vision is one of inclusivity and community cohesion as well as health, so although we want to encourage healthy eating, we do not want to be so prescriptive as to exclude anyone from our activities.

the kitchen at the farm logo

The kitchen

The farm now has a large adaptable teaching kitchen.

It would suit groups of up to 12, and is equipped with 6 electric ovens, 6 induction hobs, adjustable height tables, dish washer, 3 sinks, a hand basin, and all the equipment necessary to prepare a wide variety of food.

We are already using the kitchen to teach for some of the week, but want to maximise the impact of this fantastic space by working with others to deliver more:


  • Would you like to teach masterclasses?

  • Do you run a community group that would like access to a large kitchen?

  • Would you like to hold supper clubs?

  • Are you a small catering business hoping to expand?

  • Are you a part time chef or caterer and need a place to prepare food?

  • Would you like us to host your cookery themed party?

  • Or do you have another kitchen idea?


Please contact us at to discuss hire and collaboration.

Our ethos

We are what we eat: literally! Each cell of us is regularly replaced and the food we eat is what our bodies replace those cells with. Eating good, healthy food, gives your body the best chance to be strong and resilient.

Basing the main part of our food intake on plants is better for us: and if those meals use as wide a variety of different coloured fresh fruit and vegetables as possible, is a sure way to improve physical well-being. It is possible to learn to love vegetables even if you don’t yet! Just keep on trying them in different recipes. Fake it til you make it. Your body will thank you.

As well for our own health, the health of the planet is an important reason for choosing to base a large part of your diet on plants. By choosing vegetables and fruit that are seasonal, and grown as locally as possible you will be helping the planet too.


Here, we aim to use as much of the plant as possible while cooking, using trimmings for stock, and composting any waste on the farm to restore the soil for the next year’s crops. The crops at the farm are grown organically: pesticides and chemical fertilisers are not used. This is better for the soil, better for bees and other pollinators, better for all insects, better for birds, as well as being better for us.

We would prefer that food prepared in the farm kitchen is plant-based in the main, and any animal products: meat, fish and dairy, are from sustainable sources , free range or organically farmed if possible.
Food is more than just fuel, depending on what you eat and when, it can be health-giving, soul-salving, nostalgic, exciting, calming: curative both mentally and physically. It can be visually beautiful and communicate the love and care with which it was made. It can bring people together. It can always be delicious.