About us

Our vision

At Oxford City Farm our vision is of empowered communities learning and working together to produce food locally and live healthy, enriched and sustainable lives.


We aim to promote environmental awareness, community cohesion and wellbeing by offering learning and practical opportunities for people to interact with the land, farming and animals. We will do this by turning a derelict site into a vibrant city farm, bringing farming and food production to the heart of urban communities in Oxford.


We value diversity, equality, empowerment, community cohesion and sustainability. We value the diversity of our local neighbourhoods and recognise the contribution that all members of the community can offer. We strive to work creatively to ensure equality of opportunity for all. We aim work in ways that empower people to work together to make positive sustainable change in their communities.


Our Story

Our team has been working to bring city farming to Oxford since 2008. We are a diverse group of local people with broad skills and experience in areas such as health, youth work, planning, community development, teaching, training, architecture, fundraising, horticulture, ecology and veterinary medicine.


We have secured a 40 year lease for the site and, thanks to further fundraising efforts, now have essential infrastructure including mains water, electricity, toilets, hand washing facilities and an office base on site.

We started running regular community farming days in 2017 to enable our community to get involved with the work of the farm, in particular developing infrastructure and supporting growing. We are also developing partnerships with schools and other organisation to increase participation in our work and to introduce more people to the farm. In 2018 we employed a part time community grower and development worker and in November 2019 appointed a director to work in partnership with the trustees in leading the farm forward and helping to build its long-term sustainability.