Community Grower’s log

The summer is a’coming! The Oxford City Farm site is blooming with wildflowers and fruit blossom to welcome the start of summer.

Our polytunnel is full of sprouting pumpkin and cucumber seedlings in pots and we have the first salad leaves to harvest.  Also in the polytunnel most of the apple trees we grafted at the Gardening Skills session back in March have taken and started to sprout!  The new propagation table built during two recent carpentry skills sessions is now covered with seed trays and young plants too.

Outside things are a little bit slower except the grass and brambles which are starting to grow back with attitude! We need some serious scything sessions soon. Anyone want to come and learn to scythe? Trainee reapers please e-mail me at

Our newly planted raspberries and strawberries are growing well and my fingers are crossed for the first fruits this year.

Our next free skills sessions will be on-

Tuesday 15th May- 12-4pm and 6-8pm- Carpentry- we will be building picnic benches.

Tuesday 12th June- 12-4pm and 6-8pm- Gardening basics- we will learn about how you can propagate your own plants and we’ll also do some weed identification, learn how to identify and control annual and perennial weeds .

Please e-mail if you’re interested in attending.