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Community Grower’s log 10th July

Summer is here in full effect! Thanks to our amazing volunteers on our monthly Saturday Site Development days  and the Community Payback teams we have mown the meadow and are keeping the encroaching brambles at bay.  We’ve also managed to largely keep in check the poisonous ragwort that keeps popping up all over the farm.

Our mains water, electricity and communications are nearly connected, a big “thank you!” for all your crowdfunder donations last year and to everyone who has helped with the practical work. The trenching and utilities shed are nearly finished. Having a water supply on site will mean we can irrigate properly, build flushing toilets and have a kitchen area for cooking up tasty food from our produce where we can clean our veg and even wash up! Electricity will mean we can set up our onsite office, have lights on site and use power tools to build new infrastructure. One big thing to celebrate is that we recently got our planning permission to build a toilet block with handwash, install a container office and build an outdoor kitchen/shelter. This will mean we will be able to work with more groups from schools and other organisations on site all year round.

The harvests are starting- please come along to our July 14th Site development day and take away some potatoes, garlic, cucumbers and tasty flowers and leaves. Some of the pumpkins are already enormous!

During our Volunteer Skills sessions and Community Payback days we’ve built two new picnic benches- upcycled from old futon bases donated by a neighbour and set up two new rainwater harvesters from the children’s playhouse and welcome shed rooves.

The bees have been really busy! They have been prolific in fact, and we’ve harvested two lots of honey. Jars will be available at the farm on Saturday and at the Autumn Festival. It tastes amazing!

We’ve been hosting Volunteer Gardening Skills Sessions and the programme for the rest of July is-
If you’d like to come please book your place via the events section of this website or Oxford City Farm facebook page.
Thanks for all your support and if you haven’t visited yet please do come along on Saturday 14th July, Saturday 8th September to a site development day (10-2pm) or to our Autumn Festival on Saturday 6th October. We will be having a much needed break in August!
If you’d like to help with watering, site development or maintenance please e-mail
“Gerr on ourrr land!”


Community Grower’s log

The summer is a’coming! The Oxford City Farm site is blooming with wildflowers and fruit blossom to welcome the start of summer.

Our polytunnel is full of sprouting pumpkin and cucumber seedlings in pots and we have the first salad leaves to harvest.  Also in the polytunnel most of the apple trees we grafted at the Gardening Skills session back in March have taken and started to sprout!  The new propagation table built during two recent carpentry skills sessions is now covered with seed trays and young plants too.

Outside things are a little bit slower except the grass and brambles which are starting to grow back with attitude! We need some serious scything sessions soon. Anyone want to come and learn to scythe? Trainee reapers please e-mail me at

Our newly planted raspberries and strawberries are growing well and my fingers are crossed for the first fruits this year.

Our next free skills sessions will be on-

Tuesday 15th May- 12-4pm and 6-8pm- Carpentry- we will be building picnic benches.

Tuesday 12th June- 12-4pm and 6-8pm- Gardening basics- we will learn about how you can propagate your own plants and we’ll also do some weed identification, learn how to identify and control annual and perennial weeds .

Please e-mail if you’re interested in attending.